Vancouver Police arrest suspect who kidnapped and attempted to kill baby

The suspect was holding his 2-month-old baby in his hands threatening to kill the baby with a hammer he was holding

VANCOUVER – Officers from the Vancouver Police Department rescued a 2-month-old baby Sunday from the father who was threatening to kill the child.

The suspect was holding his 2-month-old baby in his hands threatening to kill the baby with a hammer he was holding.
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On Sunday (Oct. 10) at about 4 a.m., Vancouver Police responded to an investigation into a kidnapping. The victim had been at a convenience store when a male, who is the respondent in a No Contact Order with the female victim, showed up at the store, assaulted and forcibly abducted the female, put her in his vehicle and fled the area. 

Officers responded to the victim’s apartment and heard yelling and a baby crying from inside. The victim texted her relative that she was in the apartment bleeding. The victim exited the apartment and was suffering from a head injury. The suspect remained inside the apartment and as officers entered, the suspect was holding the victim’s (and his) 2-month-old baby in his hands threatening to kill the baby with a hammer he was holding. 

Police began dialogue with the suspect, who dropped the hammer but continued to say he was going to kill the baby by throwing it off the second story balcony. The suspect began to squeeze the baby and a crisis entry hostage rescue involving multiple officers was deployed in an effort to prevent the suspect from killing the baby. 

A Taser deployment was unsuccessful on the suspect, and he continued to squeeze the baby. Multiple officers then grabbed the suspect’s arms, and one officer punched the suspect in the face to get him to release his grip on the baby, who was now limp. The suspect slightly released his grip, and the officers were able to pry the baby from his hands, saving the baby’s life. The suspect was taken into custody and the female victim and the baby were transported to area hospitals for evaluation. The baby is currently still hospitalized.  

Aarondeep S. Johal, 32, was arrested and booked into the Clark County Jail for: Assault IV DV, Felony NCO violation, Malicious Mischief III, Kidnap I DV, DWS III, Residential Burglary DV, Kidnap I DV (of 2-month-old – hostage), Attempted Murder I DV (of baby), Resisting Arrest, Assault III.

Information provided by Vancouver Police Department.


  1. Guy A Blessinger

    Good work by the Police. I’m sure that there is no social worker who would have been able to intervene and save this baby’s life. Praying there is no brain damage from this event.

  2. Melinda

    This story needs an update, Arrondeep hit the victim in the head with a hammer. The baby survived but unfortunately the mother of the baby died a month after from her head injury.


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