Steady progress continues on Nakia Creek Fire

Photo courtesy Clark Regional Emergency Services
Photo courtesy Clark Regional Emergency Services

Following an infrared flight, the acreage of the fire has been updated to 1,796

CAMAS – Cooler temperatures and high relative humidity aided firefighters out on the line of the Nakia Creek Fire overnight, allowing resources to continue to make steady progress on creating fuel breaks around the fire, or ‘fire line.’ These conditions helped to naturally decrease fire behavior, however fog greatly limited visibility, which increased risks to firefighters.

Following an infrared (IR) flight, the acreage of the fire has been updated to 1,796. This small amount of growth is natural while lines are still being created and are a direct reflection of the fire’s behavior; flames on the line are reported to be creeping in nature for the most part, and not making large, dangerous runs. Three small spot fires were found to the north and northwest of the main body of the fire on Monday. Resources were immediately dispatched to these areas and were able to complete a fire line around all of them, keeping them small in size. Overnight, firefighters were able to bolster these lines and begin mop-up work. Structural task forces remained near homes overnight to monitor and protect neighborhoods.

Today (Oct. 18), firefighters continued to focus on building fire lines, both by hand and with bulldozers where possible. By creating these lines, firefighters are working to keep the fire as small as possible. An additional 140 resources are arriving today, which will help push progress forward. Safety remains in the forefront of firefighter’s minds, as additional hazards are being identified. Rolling debris is a concern in areas with steep terrain, posing risks to firefighters working downslope. Crews will also be on the lookout for hazard trees and other dangerous situations.

Weather conditions are expected to improve later this morning, which will allow for the use of aircraft. Four Type 1 helicopters, three Type 2 helicopters, two CL415 water scooper planes and an air attack platform are assigned to the fire today, with additional aircraft available to call if needed. These resources are particularly helpful in difficult to reach areas for our ground crews. Sunny conditions in the low 70’s and light wind are forecast, and firefighters are taking these factors into consideration on the line and anticipating how it may affect fire behavior today.

Evacuations: Evacuation levels from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office have not changed at this time. Residents can search their address for current evacuation levels here:

Clark Regional Emergency Services officials updated the public Monday (Oct. 17) on current details about the Nakia Creek Fire, still burning in northeast Clark County.

Evacuations also include the Larch Mountain Corrections Center. Check with the Washington Department of Corrections for further information.

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DNR Website: Information on Wildfires | WA – DNR

Fire Smoke and Air Map: Fire and Smoke Map (

Information courtesy Clark Regional Emergency Services.

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