Rep. Peter Abbarno issues statement on governor’s forced vaccination deadline

Lawmaker Rep. Peter Abbarno has strongly criticized Gov. Jay Inslee’s forced vaccination mandate and the threat to fire dedicated employees.

Lawmaker has strongly criticized the governor’s forced vaccination mandate and the threat to fire dedicated employees

Rep. Peter Abbarno
Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-20

Today, Oct. 18, is the deadline Gov. Jay Inslee set when he announced in August vaccination requirements for most state employees, private health care workers, long-term care workers, employees working in K-12, most child care and early learning, and higher education. Under the mandate, employees covered under the governor’s emergency order must be fully vaccinated by today or risk losing their jobs.

Rep. Peter Abbarno (Republican, Centralia) has strongly criticized the governor’s forced vaccination mandate and the threat to fire dedicated employees. Today, Abbarno issued this statement:

“Today marks a sad page in Washington state’s history for many working families. It is clearly evident the governor is more interested in punishing Washingtonians for their beliefs than finding respectful and reasonable solutions.

“To great disappointment, teachers, nurses, state employees, school employees, first responders, and heroes who safely served and protected us the past 18 months — even as recently as yesterday — are now being forced to choose between abandoning their deeply-held beliefs or jeopardizing their family’s livelihood. To add a painful footnote, the governor is denying unemployment benefits to these working families.  

“Despite the governor’s resistance to helping all Washingtonians, many of us are here to help. Once again, I call on Governor Inslee to abandon these extreme measures and join us to implement reasonable solutions. I ask my colleagues in the Legislature to lead, stop abdicating legislative power to the governor, and help deliver true representation to every Washingtonian across our great state. Lastly, we must continue to support legal and legislative change, support our community members injured by the governor’s mandates, and keep loudly voicing our objections.”

Washington State House Republican Communications,

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1 year ago

If your faith, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit through His Word prevents you from getting a COVID vaccination, resources to defend your religious liberties can be found at Pacific Justice Institute with offices in OR and WA. If you likely have natural immunity from a COVID infection and a positive PCR test, be sure to mention that in an exemption request, and offer to get further testing to establish natural immunity. (Antibody or T-Cell tests are available) Natural immunity is recognized for other diseases in WA state law today and should be for COVID too. Medical Exemption for Natural Immunity Granted – Informed Choice Washington

The Recovering Pastor

Join the petition to end this discrimination here in Clark County

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