New Years Eve Fireworks rules around Clark County

Rules run the gamut from a complete ban in Vancouver and Ridgefield to using “safe and sane” fireworks in some cities

Around Clark County, there are a variety of laws regulating fireworks for the New Year’s Eve celebration. These rules run the gamut from a complete ban in Vancouver and Ridgefield to using “safe and sane” fireworks in some cities. The county recently passed a restriction on fireworks in the unincorporated areas, but it doesn’t take effect until next year, Dec. 2021. 

The Fire Marshal’s Office and the Camas and Washougal Police Departments will have an increased presence during the fireworks season this year enforcing the fireworks laws as adopted by Camas and Washougal City Councils.

Camas and Washougal have different New Year’s Eve fireworks ordinances that the public needs to know about, says Camas-Washougal Fire Marshall Ron Schumacher.

Fireworks at the Clark County Fairgrounds last July 4th. Photo by Mike Schultz
Fireworks at the Clark County Fairgrounds last July 4th. Photo by Mike Schultz

“This year like in the last three years, the city limits of Washougal doesn’t allow mortars that explode in the air,” said Schumacher. “Washougal only allows the ‘safe and sane’ fireworks that travel vertically nor more than a foot, and horizontally no more than 6 feet.”

Camas, however, does allow the mortar fireworks. 

You can purchase these products at any fireworks stand, which will be on sale Dec. 29-31 in Camas and Washougal. You can only use them on Dec. 31 — in both cities until 1 a.m., says Schumacher.

In Washougal, you can be fined $250 on the first offense, which is a civil fine. Camas will not fine residents for using mortars. Civil fines start at $500 for violating the Vancouver law.

“Safe and sane” fireworks are those that are neither projectile nor explosive — basically anything that doesn’t leave the ground.

Vancouver Fire Chief Brennan Blue and Fire Marshal Heidi Scarpelli remind residents that it is illegal to use, possess or sell fireworks of any kind within the Vancouver city limits.

The city’s 2015 ban on fireworks includes Class C “safe and sane” fireworks like sparklers, fountains, ground-spinning fireworks and smoke balls. It is also illegal to buy fireworks elsewhere and then transport them into the city.

In Battle Ground, fireworks can be sold from Dec. 27-31, and can be used Dec. 31 from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

For residents of Ridgefield, the City Council banned fireworks on New Year’s Eve beginning in 2018. 

In unincorporated Clark County, fireworks are allowed on Dec. 31 from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The Clark County website includes a list for all cities with the rules and times fireworks are allowed. You can view the document here.

For those interested in buying fireworks, MeneGene fireworks has one location open in Camas through New Years Eve. There may be other locations around the county we are not aware of.


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