Michelle Belkot announces campaign for Clark County Council, District 2 seat

Belkot said her decision to run for the position was because ‘change is long overdue for District 2’

VANCOUVER – A long-time resident of Vancouver and a current 24-year military officer (lieutenant in the Navy) is announcing that she’s running for the Clark County Council in District 2.

Michelle Belkot
Michelle Belkot

The District 2 seat is currently held by Councilor Julie Olson, who has publicly stated that she will not seek reelection. Nevertheless, Belkot said her decision to run for the position was because “change is long overdue for District 2.’’   

Belkot is a civil servant, with over 20 years of experience in acquisition and procurement of multi-million-dollar construction and architect and engineering contracts. She stated that she is “ready to bring this desperately needed experience to the Council.’’

Belkot is a mother of two sons and she has been married to husband Dennis for 16 years. Belkot stated that she “is planning to give the great people of District 2 back their seat at the Council table.’’

Belkot also stated that she is running to address the homeless camping crisis that is “turning Clark County into Portland.’’ She vowed that she will fight to turn that around. 

“Prioritizing Public Safety, having well-trained and fairly compensated deputies, along with finding real solutions to our transportation and traffic issues, puts Clark County residents first,’’ Belkot said in her statement. “Portland politicians or bloated government projects that just want to expand light rail, are not priorities for Clark County.’’

Belkot previously ran for a position on the Vancouver School District Board of Directors. She vowed “to work and get elected this year so she can restore the ‘people’s voice’ back to the County Council.’’ She also stated that she “will leverage her attention to detail to find solutions to help lower housing costs, lower taxes, and bring relief during this near-historic inflation we’re all experiencing.’’

“As your representative, I am committed to resolving problems, in an effort to minimize the negative pandemic impacts from the last two years,’’ she said. “If elected, I will be an ethical, transparent, and always community-based member of the Clark County Council. I’ve proudly served our Country, and now I’d appreciate the opportunity to serve my County.”

For more information, go to michellebelkot.com.


  1. Margaret

    Voters in every city in Clark County rejected the proposition to extend Portlands’ financially failing Trimet MAX light rail into Clark County. We need a fiscally responsible Clark County Councilor who will honor the voice of the people.

  2. Anna Miller

    I have met with Belkot. She has outstanding credentials and would be able to hit the ground running with very little learning curve. She is forthright and articulates her positions important to Clark County very well. Go on over to her website. You will be impressed! Michelle would make a great addition to the Council.

  3. Richard Bullington

    For a Lieutenant in the Navy [a Captain in the other services], Ms. Belkot certainly does seem to have a LOT of money to spread street signs around. There are three to a block on most notthwest Vancouver arterials.

    Do we have a “follow the money” issue here?

    Also, does the Lieutenant know what “polis” means in Greek? Does she know that it is the root of “politics”? I wonder if she does, because her campaign slogan is the devoid-of-meaning phrase “Representing People Over Politics”.

    Those of us who do know , realize she’s committed an “unforced [Freudian] error”, because she says she’s “Representing People Over The People”. IOW she’s for the “Over People”, the “Special” people. The ones who are intrinsically “real” and “better” people. The “Ubermenschen” to borrow Herr Göbbel’s charming turn of phrase.

    The Big Dogs.

    And that, dear reader, is very likely exactly where the money trail leads.

  4. Jeremy VanGelder

    Does anyone know where she works currently? Her campaign material says she is a civil servant. But it doesn’t say for what agency. It would be a bummer to promote a member of the County staff to the council, no matter what she says about freedom and representation during the campaign.


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