Individuals identified in Saturday’s fatal shooting in Vancouver

Newspaper delivery man shot and killed a man who entered his unoccupied vehicle

VANCOUVER – More details have been released about a Saturday incident in Vancouver where a newspaper delivery man shot and killed an intruder in his unoccupied vehicle.

On Saturday at about 4:32 a.m., Vancouver Police responded to the 700 block of Waterfront Way for the report of a shooting. Justyn Vallandingham, 35, was delivering newspapers in the area and left his vehicle unlocked and running while he went to make a delivery. 

When Vallandingham returned to his vehicle he saw an unknown male, identified as Kin Bossy, 29, sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. Vallandingham pulled his concealed firearm and pointed it at Bossy, who then turned and leaned towards the center console of the vehicle. 

Vallandingham was in fear that Bossy was trying to acquire a weapon and he discharged his firearm. Vallandingham made contact with 9-1-1 shortly thereafter to report the incident. Bossy did not survive his injuries.

A search warrant for Vallandingham’s vehicle has been completed and signed and search of the vehicle by investigators is anticipated to occur this week. Upon completion of the investigation, the Vancouver Police Department Major Crimes Unit will forward the case to the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review of possible charges. 

There have been no arrests.

The Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office released a statement Wednesday that Bossy died of a gunshot would to the chest.

Information provided by Vancouver Police Department.

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7 months ago

WA state law allows even personal items to be protected from one’s home with a weapon, but not sure about outside one’s home. However if his defense is that he thought the man in the car was about to reach for a weapon, he might have been justified in shooting the stranger. What is important is will the newspaper delivery man have a jury or a judge determine his guilt or innocence? Because two entirely different judgements are possibe

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