Feb. 14 special election: Washougal School District Levy requests

An in-depth look at the two levy requests put before voters by the Washougal School District.

An in-depth look at the two levy requests put before voters by the Washougal School District

Editor’s note: Former Clark County Councilor and long-time Clark County resident Dick Rylander conducts a great deal of research on public education in the area, region and state and shares his findings on his blog, swweducation.org. Rylander recently compiled in-depth analysis on the levy requests on the Feb. 14 special election ballot from the Vancouver, Washougal and Woodland school districts. Here is the information he has gathered on the two levy requests made by the Washougal School District.

Dick Rylander
Dick Rylander

Washougal School District has two (2) items on the February 14 special election ballot. The first is a new Enhanced Operations Levy and the other is a new Capital Levy for Technology, Health and Safety. 

In this article, we’ll share links to the Clark County Elections Department, the Washougal School District and provide some analysis to try and clear up any gray areas. If you don’t want to click the links and do a deep dive we’ll share the essentials below. Let’s get started.

Clark County Elections Dept link: EP&O Levy statement (Proposition 10): https://clark.wa.gov/sites/default/files/media/document/2022-12/Washougal%20School%20District%20No.%20112-6%20-%20Resolution%20No.%202022-23-03%20%28Proposition%20No.%2010%29_0.pdf 

Clark County Elections Dept link: Technology, health and safety Capital Levy (Proposition 11) – https://clark.wa.gov/sites/default/files/media/document/2022-12/Washougal%20School%20District%20No.%20112-6%20-%20Resolution%20No.%202022-23-04%20%28Proposition%20No.%2011%29_0.pdf 

Washougal School District website: http://www.washougal.k12.wa.us/district-budget-information/levy/ 

Clark County Elections Voters pamphlet (online version): https://clark.wa.gov/sites/default/files/media/document/2022-12/Washougal%20School%20District%20No.%20112-6%20-%20Prop%20No.%2010%20-%20Replacement%20Educational%20Programs%20and%20Operations%20%26%20Prop%20No.%2011%20-%20Replacement%20Capital%20Levy%20for%20Educational%20Tech%2C%20Health%20and%20Safety%20Imp%20%20.pdf

So let’s get to the essentials in case you don’t want to work through all the links.

There are two propositions: 10 and 11. Following is the essential info on each:

Proposition 10: Enhanced Operations Levy


  • We all understand the need for money to stay even with inflation. We all understand the need to support students with good tools.
  • We all want the very best for our children. We love great teachers.
  • They want you to focus on the “rate” per $1000 of assessed value which is a red herring. You need to focus on the amount of money they are asking for. If your property value goes up the “rate” goes down but the amount of money collected stays the same. If your property value drops the “rate” goes up but the amount collected stays the same. They want to use a magician’s trick and direct your attention in one area while the sleight of hand is done.
  •  Test scores are poor: 46.7% are failing ELA (English Language Arts); 62.7% are failing math and 52.9% are failing science. For all the money you give them the scores continue to fall…why throw more good money after bad?
  • Student population has fallen 6.1% in the past 3 years.
  • The amount spent per student has doubled in the last 10 years. The average across the State is approaching $20,000 per student.
  • Over 52% of your current property taxes go to schools…how much more is needed and what will the outcomes you can measure be?
An in-depth look at the two levy requests put before voters by the Washougal School District.

Proposition 11


  • This “capital levy” is a 246% increase
  • You are being asked to approve two (2) levy’s totalling over $40 million. Rather than ask 1x they split to make it appear the amounts are smaller.
  • See the comments above


  1. The real questions?
    1. Can you afford to pay more?
    2. Are you getting the results you expect and should from all the money spent?

Here are links to other articles about the WSD:

Other data and information sources:

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  1. Anna Miller

    No, No and no. A few years ago the Camas Library brought a levy (I think it was called a levy). Anyway, they wanted to build a new library. A Taj mahal, a palace. The voters said forget i!!. Come back with a reasonable request and you’ll get your improved library. So, the Camas politicians did that and got the money to renovate and expand the nice library we have now. A couple years ago the politicians decided we need a new swimming pool. They came to the voters with an outrageous plan to build a water kingdom! The voters said heck no and this time they tossed the mayor out of office!! A cautionary tale. The Vancouver School District needs to roll up their sleeves and get those test scores up! Send them a message… you get more money when our kids get a quality education.

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