Clark College announces plans for fall term

The first phase of returning to in-person learning begins with more than 500 classes, many student services returning to campus, and continued use of face coverings

VANCOUVER – Clark College officials announced today plans for fall term and its first phase of return to on-site operations.  

Earlier Tuesday, President Karin Edwards announced the following: 

  • The college will strongly encourage students and employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, but will not require vaccinations.   
  • For the time being, everyone on campus must wear an appropriate face covering and observe social distancing requirements, which are now 3 feet in most circumstances. This policy (and the exact definition of safe social distancing) may change as fall term progresses, based on evolving guidance from the state.   
  • Additionally, the college will continue with its plan for a gradually phased-in restoration of on-site activities and operations, with some employees, services, and events returning during fall term, and more employees, services, and events returning in the 2022 winter term.  

In spring term, the college announced that roughly one-third of its fall classes would have an on-campus component

The college’s decisions follow guidance from Gov. Jay Inslee’s proclamation covering higher education, which was issued on June 30 and revised on July 12. They also incorporate feedback from the college’s staff and faculty unions, student government, and interdepartmental planning groups focused on the college’s recovery and return to on-site operations. 

“Our students and our employees need to know the college’s way forward in order to plan for the future,” said Dr. Edwards. “At the same time, we need to remain ready to adapt to the ever-evolving realities of this pandemic and its effects. We will continue to carefully monitor the situation and provide information about fall term as we further develop our plans — always with a focus on equity, access, and the safety of our whole community.” 

Additional information about the college’s decisions for fall term can be found at  

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