A conversation with Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins: His final term

We sat down with Atkins to talk about current events and the future of his agency

VANCOUVER — ClarkCountyToday.com had the opportunity to speak with Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins on his opinion of recent events in the community and his vision for his agency’s future.

Reporter Chris Brown asks Sheriff Atkins about the death of Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin DeRosier, the community’s view of law enforcement, causes and effects of the student riot at Gaiser Middle School last month, body cameras, dispatch channel encryption, and much more.

Sheriff Atkins says he has three-and-a-half more years in office, since he does not plan to run for a third term as sheriff. Entering the construction process for a new jail facility, and preparing senior deputies for his departure, were his top two priorities.

“These are great people,” Atkins said of his veteran deputies. “Very experienced and willing to move on to the future with our agency.”

To locate specific topics within our interview, move ahead to these time-codes:


  • 00:42-01:36 – The death of Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin DeRosier
  • 01:36-03:53 – The community’s view of law enforcement
  • 03:53-08:09 – The Gaiser Middle School riot and student views of law enforcement
  • 08:09-10:52 – The possible implementation of body cameras for CCSO deputies in the future
  • 10:52-13:48 – The recent move to encrypted dispatch channels for all Clark County law enforcement agencies
  • 13:48-15:24 – The Sheriff’s view on Initiative 1639, and changes to gun laws in the state of Washington
  • 15:24-23:37 – The process for construction of a new county jail facility, and the hurdles as well as opportunities that entails with the County’s Facilities Advisory Committee
  • 23:37-25:49 –  The Sheriff’s goals, plans and vision for the remainder of his time in office



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