Woodland Public Schools thanks retiring employees for their decades of service to public education and caring for the community’s children

The retirees dedicated themselves to honing their craft and providing for students in a variety of ways throughout the district

As the end of the 2020-2021 school year approaches, Woodland Public Schools recognizes retiring employees who will end their careers after decades of serving the community and ensuring all children receive a high-quality education even during these historic times due to the pandemic.

Read on to learn how each of the retirees dedicated themselves to honing their craft and providing for students in a variety of ways throughout the district in the words of coworkers remembering their colleagues’ years of service.

Woodland School District officials recently honored their retiring employees. Photo courtesy of Woodland School District
Woodland School District officials recently honored their retiring employees. Photo courtesy of Woodland School District

Columbia Elementary

Cheryl Moir, Paraeducator – 8 Years of Service

  • Most people who worked with us know we look just a little alike!  I started working with Cheryl when I was in high school at the local Hi-School Pharmacy, where we spent almost nine years confusing customers.  When I graduated college and started working at Woodland Primary School, Cheryl was always delighted when kids would come up to her at Hi-School Pharmacy and think she was me. Around 2014, she joined me at the primary school and we continued our tradition of confusing kids and adults alike. Cheryl loves working in schools and was always putting in extra effort creating things together at home to help her connect with and help her students. I know she is really going to miss her “kids” and we are really going to miss her.  I’m even going to miss the occasional kid calling out, “Hi, Ms. M!” as I walk by! -Shelby Linnemeyer

Lorie Vogel, Teacher – 27 Years, 9 Months of Service

  • During the first couple of years I worked for Woodland, we had a major snowstorm which closed school early. There was a major accident on the freeway and I got stuck in Woodland for the night. I didn’t know anyone who lived in town who I would be comfortable calling other than Lorie. She took me home, fed me, gave me a place to sleep, and she drove me home the next day. She is fondly known by my family as “the lady who rescued me.” I was only comfortable calling her because I had worked with her with students and she always made me feel welcome. We have had a lot of laughs since then and I will always appreciate her generosity! -Felicity Ottis
  • Lorie was so welcoming to me when I first started and has continued to always be willing to lend a helping hand, open up her junk drawer, share her tool bag, and bring treats for special occasions. Her white Chex Mix that she brings every year for Christmas is the best stuff EVER!! I have always been impressed with her connection with her kids and parents.  She will be sorely missed here at CES! -Shelby Linnemeyer 

North Fork Elementary

Carl Steinwachs, Custodian – 15 Years, 6 months of Service

  • We will all miss Carl. He’s always offered helpful advice and alerted us to safety issues. I don’t think he ever missed a day of work, or, at least, not very often that I know of over the last five or six years. He was always very pleasant, reliable and helpful. Carl is just an all-around nice guy! A pleasure to work with! -Tegan Steen

Woodland Middle School

Cheryl Cline, Library Specialist – 8 Years, 2 Months of Service

  • Cheryl was “Miss Reliable” and could always be counted on to have the library ready and waiting to serve students. She worked to have curriculum and materials prepared in advance to make the staff’s lives easier. We wish her the very best in retirement. -James Johnston

Cyndi Duling, Paraeducator – 26 Years, 9 Months of Service

  • Cyndi has been a valuable member of our reading team for years. She made a huge impact on student learning because she is an excellent teacher. She not only delivers instruction with skill, but she cares about and connects with kids, and they work hard to meet her expectations. I will always remember Cyndi’s dedication, especially this year as she wheeled around on a scooter after surgery. Even though she was still in the healing stages, she just kept at it, doing all she could to meet the needs of students, knowing that she would be sorely missed if she was out.  Her shoes will be hard to fill and she will be missed. -Tara Eilts

Randi Isselhardt, Cook – 27 Years, 6 Months of Service

  • When Randi came into our kitchen, we already were a fine-tuned machine, working together getting things done. I knew she might feel out of place, so I tried to give her little hints to help her along. Eventually, she got into the groove and became somebody I could depend on to pick up my slack due to my Head Cook duties. Randi held her own putting our deliveries away, as well as keeping on top of the many different things I threw at her. I am going to miss our morning before-work talks, but I am happy that she chose to take care of herself. I’m not sure she will be able to succeed in retirement since she does not sit still for very long, but I’m sure she will work on it. Shine on, Randi!

Woodland High School

Maxine Gonzalez-Kelly, Teacher – 14 Years, 10 Months of Service

  • Maestra, you have such a colorful personality and wardrobe. I will miss your charm and passion for your students. -Carlotta Propersi

Cindy Hadaller, Building Secretary – 19 Years of Service

  • Thanks for being so incredibly sweet from the get-go. Ages ago when I subbed for the high school, Cindy was always so friendly and helpful. I will never forget how welcoming she was when I was brand-new to the state. I am glad that these past two years I have been able to work with Cindy again. Your beautiful family and all the children you have ever watched are so lucky to have you. -Carlotta Propersi
  • I am going to miss Cindy’s sunny smile and giving heart around WHS. I hope she kicks up her heels and dances; just don’t blow out the knee again! -Kim Miller

Jeff Nesbitt, Teacher – 27 Years, 9 Months of Service

  • I appreciate what Jeff brings to the table during our staff meetings. I will miss his happy-go-lucky attitude. -Carlotta Propersi
  • Jeff has been a wonderful addition to our school. His on-point comments at staff meetings will be deeply missed, plus how he keeps Matt in-line! -Kim Miller


Michael Dix, Bus Driver – 4 Years, 4 Months of Service

  • Michael has always taken his job to heart and it is proven out by the number of compliments we have received from parents. Dispatchers and office staff feel blessed to have Michael on-route and know that we have our best foot forward as an organization when it comes to the work that Michael does for students. -Shannon Barnett

Tim Dunn, Bus Driver – 3 Years, 5 Months of Service

  • Tim is one of those employees that helps with any organizational needs that our operations may face. We have appreciated Tim being a team player in all efforts to support student transportation. That type of team effort is always missed when lost. -Shannon Barnett

Sue Horal, Bus Driver – 30 Years, 8 Months of Service

  • Sue is a remarkable driver with a history of building strong relationships and connections with the students she transports as the foundation to her exceptional service. Sue has gone out of her way to be a reasonable and wise advocate for school bus drivers and for student transportation services, in general. Sue will be missed by all KWRL staff as well as her students following her many years of dedicated service. -Shannon Barnett

Stephen Martin, Bus Driver – 6 Years, 7 Months of Service

  • Steve has done so much more than just operate home-to-school routes. He helped KWRL train drivers and has thousands of miles of extracurricular trips transporting students late into the night in all sorts of weather conditions. We thank Steve for his years of service to student transportation services. -Shannon Barnett

Donald Zavalney, KWRL Bus Driver – 15 Years of Service

  • Don has been a reliable, dependable and consistent driver throughout his 15 years of service. Don has transported students primarily in the Ridgefield School District but has transported and helped out in each of the KWRL’s member districts. We thank Don for his many years of service to student transportation services. -Shannon Barnett

Maintenance Team

Ken LeFever, Lead Groundsperson – 13 Years, 6 Months of Service

  • Ken has always shared his knowledge of custodial and grounds with staff. He has always been helpful and hardworking. He has such a balanced manner with a great sense of humor. While I will miss him, we are so lucky that he is willing to sub for us for a while. He is still pitching in when we need him! Such a great person! -Tegan Steen

Learn more about how Woodland Public Schools educates students and serves the community, by visiting the dedicated news webpage at www.woodlandschools.org/news/wsd

Information provided by Woodland School District.

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