Scammers using sophisticated techniques to target and defraud Clark Public Utilities customers

Scammers are contacting Clark County residents by the thousands

VANCOUVER — Clark Public Utilities is urging customers to be on guard against a wave of sophisticated scams targeting customers with phone calls, automated calls and email phishing.

“No one believes they could fall for a scam, but these schemes are extremely convincing and prey on all customers, but especially the most vulnerable,” said Clark Public Utilities CEO and General Manager Wayne Nelson. “We are asking our customers to be extremely cautious when they receive a call or email from anyone claiming or appearing to be from the utility. If a call threatens disconnection and demands payment, we want customers to hang up and call our customer service directly to check the account status.”  

Scammers are contacting Clark County residents by the thousands. They use spoofing websites to make the caller i.d. display “Clark Public Utilities” along with what appears to be a local phone number. The recorded message the customer hears sounds similar to the Clark Public Utilities automated phone system greeting. The person who then gets on the phone might even know the customer’s address, information that is available via other public sources, and will claim the customer owes an amount close to that of a typical power bill or two. It can be very convincing. Finally, the caller will threaten to shut off the power within minutes or hours if payment is not made immediately.

The fraudsters direct the customer to buy prepaid debit cards from area stores, then instruct scam victims to call a given number back and provide the payment card information over the phone.

“Early in the conversation customers should recognize several red flags,” Nelson said. “Our customer service representatives will never call and demand payment with the threat of immediate disconnection. It’s not how we operate. We’ll also never require that customers load payments on a prepaid card. If the person on the line ever asks for that form of payment, customers should hang up immediately.”

Unfortunately, local individuals and businesses are falling for it, and as a public nonprofit utility, Clark Public Utilities cannot refund or credit the customer’s account. The utility encourages customers to report the loss to the police, but with this type of scam, it’s unlikely customers will recoup the losses.

Other scams may include emails that appear to be from the utility prompting customers to follow a link to update account information or make a payment. Customers managing their accounts online should be careful to type the utility’s website,, directly into an internet browser and avoid clicking links from emails that may be a scam.

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