County to restrict truck loads on seven bridges

Action prompted by federal requirements

VANCOUVER — Signs restricting certain truck types and weights on seven bridges in unincorporated Clark County will be posted by late February 2019.

In December 2018, the Clark County Council approved the restrictions in response to a federal directive requiring the county to update bridge load ratings for new truck configurations and heavy emergency response vehicles.

The restrictions take effect when approaches to each bridge are posted with signs. Bridge postings may not be completed until late February because of the time needed to order, fabricate, deliver and install the signs.

The seven bridges are:

  • Gibbons Creek Bridge (Bridge No. 6), built in 1940 on Southeast Evergreen Way over Gibbons Creek.
  • Rock Creek Bridge (Bridge No. 96), built in 1949 on Northeast Rock Creek Road over Rock Creek.
  • Matney Bridge (Bridge No. 168), built in 1955 on Northeast 68th Street over Matney Creek.
  • Morgan Bridge (Bridge No. 213), built in 1956 on Northeast 182nd Avenue over Morgan Creek.
  • Venersborg Bridge (Bridge No. 217), built in 1954 on Northeast 209th Street over Salmon Creek.
  • Unnamed bridge (Bridge No. 222), built in 1954 on Northeast 167th Avenue over Mudd Creek.
  • Landon Bridge (Bridge No. 299), built in 1955 on Northeast Clark County Landon Road over Yacolt Creek.

Information about specific restrictions for each bridge and alternate routes that truck drivers can use is available on the county’s website,

Most of Clark County’s bridges are 50 to 75 years old and were not designed or built to meet the current demands on the transportation system.

Load restrictions slow the deterioration of bridges, protect the public’s investment in transportation infrastructure and provide safe travel across bridges. Load restrictions consider a truck’s weight and how that weight is distributed over its axles.

Clark County has coordinated with fire districts so they are aware of load-restricted bridges.

Information courtesy of Clark Co. WA Communications.

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