Yop Poll Archive

Are you changing your Christmas/New Years plans due to the pandemic?
649 votes

Is the $600 payment to individuals in the second stimulus package enough or should it be more?
409 votes

Should President Trump have been banned by Twitter?
1075 votes

Should educators be given a priority when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations?
806 votes

Do you support Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler's vote to impeach President Trump?
2148 votes

Do you support Washington state Senate Bill 5066, which if passed would require any law enforcement officer witnessing excessive force by another officer to intervene?
683 votes

Will you send your student(s) back to classrooms once you have the option?
609 votes

Will you be comfortable returning to Clark County area restaurants for in-person dining this week?
1320 votes

Should the federal government forgive up to $50,000 in student debt per person?
673 votes

Do you agree with the State Supreme Court ruling that decriminalizes simple possession of controlled substances in Washington state?
639 votes

Do you support the new $1.9 trillion federal stimulus package which, in part, supplies $1,400 to many Americans?
678 votes

Do you think it's still necessary to spring our clocks ahead in the spring and back again in the fall for daylight savings time?
803 votes

Do you support congressional passage of universal background checks for all gun sales in the U.S?
725 votes

Do you support Clark County schools returning to five days a week in-person learning for all students?
1329 votes

Senate Bill 5144 in the Washington State Legislature would prohibit government agencies, schools, employers and businesses that serve the public from discriminating against people who choose not to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Would you be in favor of this becoming law?
597 votes

The Charter Review Commission is considering making the five positions on the Clark County Council non-partisan positions. Are you in favor of that change?
288 votes

Do you believe the Interstate 5 Bridge replacement project should include a light rail component?
2017 votes
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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x