Opinion: Sometimes we get asked a question we’ve been eager to answer

Editor Ken Vance explains Clark County Today’s coverage of COVID-related issues.

Editor Ken Vance explains Clark County Today’s coverage of COVID-related issues

I had an interesting request today that I wanted to share with you. A reporter from The Guardian, Nick Robins-Early, contacted me to ask about our coverage of COVID-related issues.

Editor Ken Vance
Editor Ken Vance

Specifically, here is what he asked me:

“I’m a reporter working on a story for The Guardian about how anti-vaccine activists and doctors who promote unproven Covid-19 treatments find a platform in local media. I’m reaching out because Clark County Today has published content from the Children’s Health Defense anti-vaccine group, as well as coverage of doctors who advocate for ivermectin use.

“Can you provide a comment on the decision to publish that content, how Children’s Health Defense came to be in contact with Clark County Today and the outlet’s view on Covid-19 coverage in general? I’m interested in how group’s such as Children’s Heath Defense and ivermectin advocates become involved in local media coverage, and any information would be much appreciated. My deadline is Monday, and thanks very much.’’

I am glad that he took the time to ask me the question. However, one of the first things we’re taught as journalists is to never become part of the story. So, I told Robins-Early that “I am generally not interested in becoming part of the story or doing any self promotion etc. for myself or even my news organization. So, I’m naturally reluctant to comment. However, I do feel strongly about the issue you’ve raised so I’m going to make an exception in this instance.’’

There are two reasons why I share this conversation with you here in this space. First, I am skeptical of what is going to happen to my comments. I obviously have a significant level of mistrust of members of the mainstream news media. And, I have very little awareness or experience with The Guardian, or this reporter. So, depending on what he does with my response to his questions, I have this as a public record of everything.

In addition to that, I have received similar questions from many of you and other members of our community, who recognize that we publish COVID-related information that other news organizations won’t and we don’t publish some COVID-related information that others do. So, for those of you who have wanted my explanation of those actions and decisions, this can serve as my public explanation.

I told Robins-Early he was free to attribute the following comment to me:

“Clark County Today was created a little more than five years ago, not because other news organizations were doing such a good job. We were founded to do better. With that as our vision and part of our core values, we have become increasingly amazed and disappointed in how one-sided the coverage of COVID-related issues has been among  the mainstream news media, social media and even Big Tech. Like everyone else, during the current pandemic, we have published endless information about vaccinations, treatment and other COVID-related issues, allowing elected officials, government leaders and medical health providers to inform the community about how to navigate this pandemic. However, those sources continually refuse to even address issues such as adverse effects to vaccinations, alternative treatments for COVID and even preventative measures that can be taken to boost one’s own immune system. 

Editor Ken Vance explains Clark County Today’s coverage of COVID-related issues.
You can view all our COVID-19 related coverage here.

“The information we have published on those otherwise under-covered aspects of COVID and this pandemic has come from area community members, health providers and officials and other brave individuals who in the face of extreme attempts at shame and prejudice, stand up and share their own experiences. In our discussions with those brave individuals, with their own boots on the ground, we have become aware of a precious few other regional and national organizations and individuals who are attempting to present the same unbiased coverage of COVID-related issues as we are. Again, we have been appalled to witness the attempts by the mainstream news media, social media sites and Big Tech to suppress the sharing of that information, which prevents the ability of individuals to make their own informed decisions. That said, our news reports have never attempted to influence an individual’s personal decision as to whether or not to get a vaccine, how to treat COVID or how to prepare for COVID.  We simply provide information they can use to make their own decisions.”


  1. Jim Mundy

    I applaud you for your dedication to laying out all of the facts and letting people decide for themselves. Whether it be COVID, Climate Change, or any other political football, too much relevant information is filtered out by the mainstream media who present only the side of any issue that fits their narrative and denigrate the rest. This does a disservice to the American people. There is entirely too much information being pushed by the mainstream and social media as fact that is at best open to question and at worst outright lies. The “science” the politicians are urging us to follow is not science at all; true science depends on people testing and questioning everything. The science being pushed by politicians and various interest groups, unfortunately, mostly fails miserably to verify against actual observed facts.

  2. Margaret

    The only article I’ve seen by ChildrensHealthDefense.org re-published by Clark County today is this one, Healthy young mother dies of vaccine-induced blood clot This story was widely discussed in most news outlets in WA and Oregon because: The woman lived in WA state and died a horrific death after the J&J vaccine, which is significant to many residents. WA state Gov. Inslee has imposed the strictest covid vaccine mandate in the nation, and Gov. Inslee was urging WA workers to get this same J&J covid vaccine that had killed this woman to comply with his proclamation deadline that he established. I hope Clark County Today will start re-publishing the ChildrensHealthDefense Friday updates on the serious debilitating adverse health events and deaths after covid vaccine injections that have been reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, VAERS among people 12 years old and up. This week CHD covered the FDA meeting, “FDA Panel Endorses Pfizer Shots for 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Experts Say Vaccine for Kids Is ‘Unnecessary, Premature and Will Do More Harm Than Good’” then the follow up, FDA Grants Emergency Use of Pfizer Vaccine for Kids 5 to 11, as Reports of Injuries After COVID Vaccines Near 840,000 Many news sources are funded by Big Pharma, which promotes unnecessary investigational vaccines for healthy young people, and now kids 5-11. Far too many young people have suffered horribly after these experimental injections, and some have died. I’m grateful that there are organizations dedicated to the defense of children and natural approaches to good heath. see Why Kids’ Immune Systems Can Handle COVID, and How Vaccines Could Interfere With Their Immune Response

  3. Scott Hooper

    This sounds good, like you’re trying to take a tag-line from FOX and be “Fair and balanced,” but it is not the case. Someone’s anecdotal or personal opinion is simply not of the same quality as the result of, for e.g., a double-blind study including 40,000 people tracked over six months.

    I think that’s what you’re missing, or what you’re saying in your answer. By presenting things like ivermectin as anything close to an equal alternative to the vaccines is, unfortunately, misinformation.

    What the main-stream media gets right is that they try to present the most relevant, most proven, most likely ‘good’ information.

    What if, for e.g., a social media influencer published a story saying their uncle ate a cup of live shield bugs and survived covid, and lots of confused people talked about it, would you report that too?

    Good media has a responsibility to give good information, not just “all” information.

  4. Atul Mathur

    In this UCSF Medicine Covid-19 Grand Rounds, you can get a front-row seat into the latest FDA proceedings on vaccines from Dr. Paul Offit, world renowned vaccinologist and co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine. Dr. Bob Wachter and Dr. Offit also discuss vaccines for kids, the latest on boosters, and vaccine uptake and distribution in the U.S. and globally.



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