Letter: ‘How do you reach out and care for your community?’

Jasper Knox addresses opportunities for Clark County residents to show warm compassion during the winter months

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Jasper Knox
Jasper Knox

We are entering a time of year when the temperatures dip and the cold presents opportunities for warm compassion. America has many sides to her, yet one of the most beautiful is the acts of care between our neighbors and within our communities. The division in our country is powerful and seems to have permeated all corners of our lives. The arrival of COVID has escalated the pre existing challenges for folks to get their basic needs met and strained the connections that make life worth living. How do you reach out and care for your community?

Although I grew up in Washington state, I currently live in Portland and I intern with Council for the Homeless. Through this experience, I have become familiar with the wonderful people of Clark County. There are churches, organizations, agencies, and individuals who exhibit their strong morals by curating spaces, resources, and connections with our neighbors. When I struggle with someone’s behavior or the way that they live, I am reminded to consider how they arrived where they’re at. Judgement and anger are easy roads to take, but to be strong I need to be empathetic and select a route that will provide the greatest well-being.

When we examine the issues of increased lack of access to affordable housing and families who are struggling to meet their basic needs, do we continue to blame them? Perhaps we could consider that the issues are greater than the individual. Maybe we can show our pride in Americans and believe that folks are doing their best AND that we can all benefit from the support of one another.

Who has been there for you in your life? Who has helped you along the way? Let’s remember that we are only as strong as our community. If you’re able, please reach out to an organization or a neighbor this holiday season and find out how you can help.

Thanks for being there and thanks for caring about Clark County.

Jasper Knox

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